Celine is a visionary and pioneer at heart. Her love and zeal towards seeing her students and colleagues achieve their best potential marks her drive and determination. She has a heart of gold. Her classes are interesting, fun, full of spontaneity and of the highest personal standards.



Cool, calm and collected. She is a level headed person who has the capacity to see things in perspective and is not easliy flustered. A passionate and creative teacher with a good sense of humor, you can be assured that her classes are fun!



Rabin is spontaneous and helpful. He is ever ready to coach you in the language because “help” is his middle name. Rabin’s vocabulary is as wide as the horizon, and he is in the midst of cooking up a book that might just blow you away.



Lee May Mey

Lee May Mey

A caring and dynamic teacher, May is well liked and respected by her students both in the academic and corporate arena. Her English classes are hives of activity as she brings into the classroom her love for the English Language and her rich working experience both locally and internationally.

Associate teachers


Donna is an international import from Canada. She is a passionate and analytical individual. Her composed and observant nature means you can expect the unexpected in an English classroom. Her intensity is such that you never know when she’ll just break out in song or dance!!




Aizura is one classy lady with the warmth to match. She is energetic and able to light up a room with her larger-than-life personality.As an English teacher you could say that she’s a walking, talking, grammar book. This generous and kind lady is always looking out for someone so it’s little wonder that her students adore her.



This lady is knowledgeable, caring and has a deep commitment towards teaching excellence. She is a lawyer by training and a teacher by experience. She is continually seeking for ways to be better and to take her students to a higher level of language proficiency.





A warm and bubbly person with an infectious laughter, it is no wonder that students are drawn to her from the start. Her passion and creativity makes every class a lively adventure of fun and laughter. She has successfully trained hundreds of students to move from zero command of English to achieve good credits or distinctions at the PMR level.  Jeanne has years of experience teaching English to students of all ages.