English Language Centre

English Language Centre 

The English Language Centre (ELC) offers intensive English courses for general, academic and professional purposes. These courses adopt an integrated skills approach which places an emphasis on developing the student’s communicative competence, while also equipping them with techniques to maintain and develop their learning outside the classroom setting. The teaching staff is experienced, passionate and TESOL certified to help students acquire the language and maximize their language learning potential.

The ELC believes that language is not a language if you cannot use it to communicate. As such, our classes are carefully orchestrated to guide learners to acquire the critical language skills especially listening and speaking with some emphasis on reading and writing where appropriate. This is accomplished through a blend of enabling approaches and techniques such as the effective eclectic approach, the practical communicative approach and the rewarding task-based approach. The strategy is to take students from a non-effective communicative level to a spontaneous communicative level and finally the attainment of effective communication.

GTG has been instrumental in setting up, operating and managing the English Language Centres for its collaborative partnerships with educational fraternities. The first of which was Berjaya University College of Hospitality (2009-2013) and since then, with the RENG Education Group comprising RENG College of Technology and Design and RENG Academy (2013-present). Please visit for more details of the English courses that we offer there.

Corporate English Courses

The courses are designed to develop and enhance English language skills in the workplace. All our English trainers are qualified with years of corporate working experience and know what English skills are needed in today’s workplace. We employ tried and tested teaching methods which allow for efficient but interesting and fun lessons.

  • Functional Business English I (FBE I)
    A 30-hour course designed for anyone in the corporate arena.  The topic-based modules include comprehensive coverage of all major subject areas in Business English needed day to day by corporate executives. The course can be customized to emphasize on listening and speaking skills or reading and writing skills.
  • Functional Business English II (FBE II)
    A 30-hour course provides a unique overview of business today that allows opportunity to see key language in context and expands business knowledge. Working professionals will learn the key business language necessary to participate in an increasingly international work environment.
  • English Proficiency Programme (EPP)
    This is a multi-level programme which is designed for adult professional learners who need to use English at work. Emphasis will be on the writing skill, a critical production skill that reflects correct English usage in workplace correspondence. Hence, it is proposed that this aspect of the above programme be called “EPP:Effective Writing Skills – Level 1, 2 and 3” (EPP:EWS1, 2,3). A corresponding EPP: Effective Oral Communication Skills – Level 1, 2 and 3 is also available.

English Assessment

There will be an English Proficiency Test to check the current level of knowledge and skills of the English Language of the target group of employees so that they can be placed in the appropriate level.  There will be progressive checkpoints during the course and a post course assessment to determine their level of improvement.