Course details

Global TESOL Program
1. Introduction
2. Training schedule
3. Eligibility criteria
4. Programs offered
5. Three Stage Training and Assessment Process
6. Specializations
7. General administrative charges
8. Payment of fees
9. Quality of the TESOL program
10. Training venue

1. Introduction
This unique program, from Global TESOL College, Canada,(GTCC) will provide the “How to skills and techniques to teach English creatively with excellent results”. You learn the ESL teaching approaches, methodologies and techniques in an intensively practical 30-hour-Foundation workshop and then work at your own pace in terms of reading assignments and a self-administered Final Exam. After this, you will take the Specialization of your choice and complete the program with GTCC.

As the GTCC representative, you can register for the following three (3) programs through us. You will note that CORE to all the programs is the Foundation TESOL Course. The number of specializations will change the Credential. Each program has an ample time frame for flexible study options.

2. 30-hour Foundation Workshop
The regular training schedule is as follows:
Mon – Thurs: 6:15 pm – 9:45 pm
Fri – Sat: 9:00 am – 5.00 pm

3. Eligibility criteria
3.1. Learners must be 18 years and above.
3.2. Learners have a good command of English, especially spoken English.
3.3. Learners have a distinction or C3 in their SPM English Language paper, “O” Level English exam or in lieu of the above, they should have more than 5 years of working experience in an English speaking environment. (If you are not sure you can make an appointment with our TESOL instructor)


TESOL Class in 2019


4. Programs offered
As mentioned earlier, you can register for the following 3 programs through GTG.
The number of specializations will change the Credentials.
Each program has its own time frame for flexible study options.

4.1. Program One – Advanced TESOL Certificate
Foundation TESOL Course + one specialization course: RM3,900/-
Time frame for completion: 6 months

4.2. Program Two – Advanced TESOL Diploma
Foundation TESOL Course + three specialization courses: RM5,500/-
Time frame for completion: 1 year

4.3. Program Three – Professional TESOL Diploma
Foundation TESOL Course + nine specialization courses: RM8,500/-
Time frame for completion: 2 years

5. Three Stage Training and Assessment Process
Stage 1
. Foundation TESOL Course Part I
· Practical approaches, methodologies and techniques in a TESOL classroom
· Performance assessment of a mini-teaching demonstration
Stage 2
. Foundation TESOL Course Part II
· Assigned readings from the Foundation TESOL course manual
· Paper and pencil assessment on the understanding of the theoretical foundation of ESL principles
and methodologies
Stage 3
· Specialization TESOL course
· Download the units online from the Global TESOL College, Canadian website
· Real-time online computer-based assessment

6. Specializations
There are 15 specializations to choose from. Each specialization will strengthen one’s teaching portfolio and expand one’s employment, financial and career options.
All specializations are to be done online with Global TESOL College, Canada.
The most popular specialization courses are:
1. Teaching Children English
2. Teaching Adults English
3. Teaching Business English


TESOL Class of October 2009

7. General Administrative Charges
The quantum will depend on the Program chosen:
Prog.1=RM300.00 ; Prog.2=RM400 ; Prog.3= RM700.00.

This will cover:
• Course administration – 30-hour workshop
• Course materials (Manuals & worksheets)
• Assessment of TESOL Teaching Demonstration
• Grading of FTC Final Exam and
• Foundation TESOL Certificate
• Administration of Specialization courses
• Specialization Certificate(s) and Credential Certificate.
• One-time courier charges for sending the Specialization and Credential certificates to a Malaysian address. Any other arrangements will incur additional courier charges.

8. Payment of fees
8.1. Pay a deposit of RM300 upon registration.
8.2. Pay the balance on the first day of the course.
8.3. All cheques should be made payable to GTG Learning Centre Sdn Bhd
8.4 All cheques can be deposited directly into the bank account below:

Name : GTG Learning Centre Sdn Bhd
Bank : Malayan Banking Berhad, SS2 Branch
Account No : 512231-332324
Deposit slip : Bring the slip on the 1st day of the course or email the deposit slip or online
transaction statement for issuance of the receipt

9. Quality of the Global TESOL Program
9.1. It provides a TESOL qualification that has worldwide recognition. The Global TESOL program at its base level is 120 hours, above the international standard of 100 hours.

9.2. It includes Specialization course(s) of one’s choice. You can specialize in an area of English that will meet a need and make you more marketable.

9.3. It provides a practical teaching demo for you to apply the ESL/EFL teaching skills taught for
performance assessment and analysis.

9.4. It has a well-researched manual and relevant online resource modules.

9.5. It provides access to the Global TESOL student alumni. You can liaise with Global TESOL graduates worldwide.

10. Training venue:
No 35A, Jalan 20/16, Taman Paramount, 46300 Petaling Jaya
• Located on the 1st floor of a 2-storey shophouse, On the ground floor, it is flanked between
CYC Tailor and Kong Sai Restaurant.
• It is facing a nursery and one side of “STAR Grocer and Mr DIY” (formerly GIANT Supermarket)
• It is 100m from the Taman Paramount LRT station (a 5-minute walk to the venue)
• Map to venue:


TESOL Class of May 2005