Financial Management

Fundamentals of Financial Management


All decisions in a business organisation will affect the organisation’s financial performance in one way or another. Besides assessing the financial feasibility of a business plan, financial management is necessary to ensure that the company has adequate financial resources to undertake the plan. The final outcome of all this activity has to be reported internally in the form of management accounts and externally to its shareholders in the form of annual reports.

This is a training programme for those who need to understand and use company accounts, but have little or no knowledge whatsoever of how to analyse and interpret the financial reports.

It will take you through a journey of discovery learning where the elements of fun and creativity will transform an otherwise “dry” subject into an interesting experience.


Overall, participants will be able to:

  1. State at least 5 axioms that form the foundations of financial management
  2. Identify the uses of basic financial reports
  3. Identify two basic steps in conducting a cost benefit analysis
  4. Identify the critical success factors in cash budgeting
  5. Identify the different capital investment decision techniques
  6. Identify the tools of financial analysis
  7. Analyse the financial health of a company
  8. Analyse the sustainability of a business entity


  1. Foundations of Financial Management
  2. The Annual Report 
  3. Key Accounting Doctrines, Principles and Policies
  4. Fundamentals of Balance Sheet
  5. Fundamentals of Profit & Loss Statement
  6. Fundamentals of Statement of Cash Flows
  7. The Financial Structure of a Company
  8. Tools of Financial Analysis
  9. Key Financial Ratios
  10. Practical Aspects of Financial Statement Analysis
  11. Financial Planning
  12. Overview of Cost Benefit Analysis


2 days