Training & assessment

The three-stage training & assessment process for:

Advanced TESOL Certificate Program (120 hours)
Foundation TESOL Course + ONE specialization Course

Part 1

Stage 1 (Core Foundation TESOL Course) – 30 hours + 10 hours

  1. Practical Approaches, Methodologies and Techniques in a TESOL classroom
  2. Performance Assessment of Practical Teaching Demonstration



Stage 2 (Core Foundation TESOL Course) – 20 hours

  1. Assigned Readings from the Course Manual
  2. Paper and Pencil Assessment on the understanding of the theoretical foundation of ESL principles and methodologies



Part 2

Stage 3 (Specialization Course) – 60 hours

  1. Specialized English Teaching Skills
  2. Assessment of the written assignments or an online exam based on the specialization course chosen. This is to assess the ability of the students in applying the TESOL knowledge and skills in an area of English that the students would like to be involved in.