Time Management


Can you really manage time? No!!! The only thing that you can truly manage is what you do with your time. For want of a better term, “time management” may be defined as a process of evaluating, controlling and using time as efficiently as possible. To do so, you need to consider:

  • Your assumptions of time
  • Time traps to avoid
  • Pitfalls of time planning
  • Concentration and focus

This course will provide a practical approach to review what swamps your life, and apply the strategies to organize your tasks, avoid pitfalls in planning and time traps. As you make time court, you will find greater freedom to do what you really want to do each day.


Overall, participants will be able to:

  1. Assess their view of time.
  2. Identify three major time traps to avoid.
  3. Reduce time wasters
  4. Spend more time on Quadrant II of the Time Management Matrix
  5. Differentiate between time invested and time spent.
  6. Develop concentration and focus.


  1. When does time matter?
  2. How do you view time?
  3. How to avoid the pitfalls of ‘Effective Time Planning’?
  4. Time effectiveness vs time efficiency
  5. Time management matrix
  6. Identifying time wasters
  7. Three major time traps to avoid
  8. Concentration and focus
  9. Principles of time management


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