Managing People with Impact – Early Bird Registration Offer

Course Provider: GTG Learning Centre Sdn Bhd (727166-A)

Course Title: Managing People with Impact

Course Duration: 2 days (9:00 am – 5:00 pm)

Training Dates:​ January 14-15, 2020

​OR ​February 4-5, 2020


Course Overview

Managing People with Impact will focus on the human elements of supervision. Successful and effective managers accomplish more and manage their time better through effective people management strategies.

In today’s competitive global business environment, many companies have shed staff and reduced their levels of management. This has inevitably put pressure on fewer people to achieve the same results. However, if better people skills are adopted, productivity can be increased and workplace communication enhanced.

At the same time, with the changing face of the workforce today, managers need to know how to inspire their people to support corporate values and achieve corporate goals. The management skills of delegation and coaching have therefore grown in importance and will continue to grow in the future.


Course Objectives

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

1. Identify the different ways people learn and process information
2. Identify the impact of their communication response styles.
3. Identify techniques used in delegation and coaching
4. Apply the 3-stage delegation process.
5. Apply the 2-stage Coaching Model.
6. Give feedback objectively and effectively.
7. Apply 3 assertive techniques to deal with critical feedback
8. Apply 4 specific steps for giving constructive feedback.



1. Communication Style
2. Identify your Communication Response Style
3. Importance of Delegation and Coaching
4. The Delegation Process
5. Identify your Learning Style
6. Identify your Information Processing Style
7.  KOLB Learning Cycle
8.  On the Job Coaching Model
9.  Techniques used in Coaching and Delegation
10. Characteristics of Effective Feedback
11.  Giving and receiving Critical Feedback
12. Giving Constructive Feedback



Adult learning approaches will be employed addressing both the left and right brain tendencies. The training combines lively presentations, videos, diagnostic instruments and interactive exercises. Participants will not only learn about the different communication styles but also know how their personal response impact others.

The “methodologies” are designed to maximise the participants’ conscious and unconscious learning, and the sequence of topics is carefully choreographed to deepen the learning experience.


Target Group

Management and Executive Level staff who are responsible to supervise and guide staff reporting to them


Class size

12 participants per session


Training Benefits

• HRDF Claimable
• Two tea breaks & lunch
• File folders
• Course workbook
• Certificate of Attendance (for every participant with 100% attendance)


Course Fees

RM800.00 per pax


• Early bird registration is RM700.00:
– For the January course: early bird registration is on or before December 14, 2019
– For the February course: early bird registration is on or before January 4, 2020
• For 2 persons from the same company, the second person will get a 10% discount.