Programme Structure:
Part I : 6-day Foundation TESOL Course
Paper and pencil Final Exam
Part II : Online TESOL Specialization Course
Modular-based – self-study
Online Specialization Exam

At the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

1) Understand the teacher and learner role reversal
2) Plan, prepare and teach an English lesson confidently and creatively
3) Identify the eight approaches to TESOL teaching
4) Adopt the communicative approach of teaching
5) Apply the accelerated teaching techniques and approaches
a) Lesson ideas
b) Strategies and games
6) Apply the 80:20 rule in the TESOL classroom
7) Motivate trainees to want to learn and apply what is taught

1) Forty Communication-Based TESOL Approaches and Methods
2) Pedagogy and Philosophy of Teaching
3) TESOL Approaches and Methodology
4) Lesson Planning and Teacher Preparation
5) Classroom Management
6) Games in the TESOL classroom
7) Activity-Based Learning
8) TESOL Student and Teacher Characteristics
9) Student Learning Levels
10) Assessments
11) Teaching Listening Skills: Comprehension and Strategies
12) Linguistics and TESOL
13) Teaching Pronunciation & Problem Sounds
14) International Phonetic Alphabets
15) Presenting and Teaching Vocabulary
16) Teaching Speaking Skills: Authentic Dialogue Use
17) Teaching Reading Skills: Stress, Intonation and Voice Inflection
18) Teaching Writing Skills: Spelling, Punctuation and Creative Writing
19) Teaching English Grammar
20) Tools in the Classroom
21) Music and Video for Language Acquisition
22) Promoting Dynamic Student/Teacher Interaction
23) Development and Presentation of Mini-Lesson Teaching Practicum
24) Mini-Lesson Content and Delivery

Teaching practitioners, Retirees, managers and corporate trainers
(Class size is small – max 10 participants. This is to allow for maximum interaction and
application of techniques taught in class)

Advanced TESOL Certificate Programme Fees:
RM 4,200.00

Participants will be provided with the following materials
 Foundation TESOL Manual
 Online Supplementary Manual
 Handouts and worksheets

1. Attend the 30-hour Foundation TESOL course
2. Plan, prepare and present a mini-lesson.
3. Submit a detail lesson plan for the mini-lesson based on the template provided.
4. Pass the Foundation TESOL Course Final Exam.
5. Pass the online Specialization Exam.

Upon successful completion of the Foundation TESOL Course and the Specialization course,
you will be awarded with the following certificates from Global TESOL College, Canada:
* Foundation TESOL Course Certificate
* TESOL Specialization Course Certificate
* Advanced TESOL Certificate