GTG Learning Centre Sdn. Bhd.

Vision Statement

To be an industry leader in developing proficient English users and be recognized and respected for our academic effectiveness and professional experience in language training.

Mission Statement

We are committed to equip our students with the critical English Language skills to succeed in the hospitality industry by integrating excellence in proven TESOL teaching strategies, effective language transfer and interactive classes.

GTG is a unique English Language Learning Centre. It focuses itself on market needs. It understands the difficulties of language acquisition. GTG’s credo is: There is no better way to learn a language than by using it! GTG knows that good trainers are a prerequisite for effective learning.

To date, we are the only language center in Malaysia, which is uniquely staffed with Global TESOL certified trainers. All of them are experienced trainers, self-driven and internationally licensed to teach English worldwide. GTG is now poised to deliver effective English training courses to companies in Malaysia.

Learners are exposed on the onset to vital English language components. The test of acquisition will be their performance in the subsequent task-based activities, fun games and reinforcement exercises. GTG’s classroom sessions simulate actual learning situations useful for the practice of authentic English. The 80-20 rule will be applied as far as possible, ensuring maximum learner participation.

Our courses are carefully drawn up with corporate personnel in mind. In our modus operandi, learners are closely guided in the 4 language skill areas of listening, reading, speaking and writing. GTG accomplishes this through a blend of enabling approaches and techniques. These include the need-based approach (eclectic) and fun-filled task-based techniques. GTG’s course-wares are market-driven and interactive. Customised course-ware to suit the needs of specific companies can be arranged.