Negotiation Skills


All managers negotiate. Effective negotiators achieve their results partly by understanding the factors that influence people’s attitudes and behaviour, and partly by exercising a range of skills that can be described in general terms as persuasion.

The art of negotiation and the art of persuasion are like Siamese twins. They are virtually inseparable. You need the gentle art of persuasion to be a powerful negotiator. You cannot win at the negotiating table if you fail to persuade the other party to accept your point of view.

A successful negotiation not only creates a win-win solution but it leaves the other person feeling that he or she won. The ability to make others feel that they won is what makes a “power negotiator”.  To negotiate successfully requires that you follow a set of rules, just like a game of chess. Negotiation is a skill that anyone can learn and there are plenty of opportunities to practice it once learned.