February TESOL Class

The February 2019 TESOL class was a blend of new and past students. Standing in the center are Benita, Anjali & Su Sie, who took the TESOL course for the first time. The other 3, Chok, Phua and Alyssa came for a refresher. Aside from receiving input from the TESOL instructor, all of them were enriched by the sharing of diverse perspectives and experiences.

There was such a family atmosphere as Anjali referred to uncle Chok, Koh Koh Phua (elder brother), sister Ben & Aunty Su Sie. It was no surprise that Celine became her “mother” figure. Everyone responded favourably knowing that Anjali is an only child. Benita & Anjali were like the inseparable twins. On Friday, we bid farewell to Alyssa who would be returning to New Zealand to complete her University Degree. All too soon the class came to an end, there were hugs & fond farewells and the new students left equipped with techniques of how to teach the English Language effectively.