Practical Supervisory Skills 1 (29 – 31 May 2017)

SUCCESS in deep discussion
Supervisory Training has never been so Fun!!!

It was an amazing three days as participants discovered how others perceived them. Each day focused on a critical Supervisory skill, with related diagnostic instruments for personal discovery. All the Skills came into play on the final day when supervisors need to give feedback and manage consequences.

Below is a list of diagnostic instruments and key areas focused during the interactive course

Day 1: Communication
* communication styles
* listening skills
* response styles


Day 2: Coaching
* learning styles
* information processing styles
* 3-step approach to explain clearly
* 5-step coaching model
* team & individual coaching


Day 3: Consequences
* delegation skills
* critical feedback
* constructive feedback
* positive feedback

The element of fun, teamwork, and recognition was spontaneously woven into the dance of learning as participants worked in their teams. They took on team names such as Win, Success, Excellent and Incredibles. All the teams were participative, alert, creative and sporting. Special mention goes to Lynda and Sherina for the wonderful acting and drama skills displayed in the Managing Consequences role-plays

In a value-centered, competitive learning environment, the “Incredibles” team comprising Norman (Leader), Sherina, Mun Yee, Gunalan and Fairus took Second place. The top spot went to the “SUCCESS” team comprising Fazreen (Leader), Chin, Wen Loo and Azizi.

The class ended on a high note with a sense of having learned so much and the need to distil and pick out specific areas for application and change. Although the training has ended the journey towards being a practical Supervisor has just begun for some, while others will be honing specific areas of their supervisory skills.

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