Fun English Class for a Local Insurance Company

GTG Learning Centre conducted Practical Business English 2.1 (PBE) for a major local insurance company at Sheraton Imperial Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. This is the first segment of PBE Level 2 with emphasis on listening, speaking and language structures. The GTG teaching team was Celine and K. Murali.

Participants were mainly long service staff with P & O Insurance. Their youngest being 4 1/2 years in service while the rest ranged from 10-28 years.

Front (L-R): Nonie, Amira, Wati, Saras, Celine, Angie, Ong, Ratina & Faizatul
Back (L-R): Ravan, Ganesh, Kamala, Ratina & Shoba

The class started with a Koosh ball throwing – adjective name sharing- group responding activity. There was much interaction, laughter and fun: reviewing critical language structures; learning the art of speaking diplomatically, and keeping check on the time sequence of events. The teams made presentations describing their company and departments.

The functional topics covered were First Meetings, the World of Work and Challenges with role plays on questioning, making good first impressions & handling complaints. In terms of language structures, emphasis was on three major tenses, adverbs of frequency, yes-no questions, information questions and handling customer complaints professionally.

The winning team based on their spontaneous participation and team effort was the ‘I – group’ – represented by “Nice Nonni”, “Rich Ratina” and “Adorable Amira”. See the photo of the charming ladies receiving a prize from Celine.

Everyone enjoyed the course and benefited personally. One of the two “Prince Charming” a.k.a. “Responsible Ravan ” commented that he will be applying what he learnt.

A word of thanks to Leong May San who coordinated and organized the training. The venue was great and the refreshment and buffet lunch were fabulous. It is thumbs-up all round including excellent customer service provided by Sheraton Imperial Hotel staff right up to the guys manning the hotel basement car park.