Time to Slow Down


From the time that we can stand
We want to walk, run and jump
Each little step is a step of faith because
we can slip
we can fall
We seldom, if ever, think about
Whether our ankle is strong enough to hold us
when engaging in sports activities
when running to catch a train
when crossing the finish line
My psychology lecturer labelled me as a ‘Russian’
Because I was always ‘rushing’
I was certainly on the ‘fast-lane’I think fast
I talk fast
I move fast
I walk fast
All these came to a stop
When I had a fall and fractured my ankle.
I went from being a ‘hare’ to a ‘tortoise’.
It was a time to slow down.
It was a time to reminisce the beautiful places I have visited.
I praise God that I am fearfully and wonderfully made!
I am amazed at the wonder of the human body
It functions like clockwork, with every part fulfilling its purpose.
I have since come to really appreciate the work my ankle does
It helps me move freely
It pumps blood and fluid upwards
It prevents my foot from swelling
I can’t wait to get my ankle in top form again.
In the meantime, the ‘Crutch Twins’ will help me move around
While Mr Ankle Guard will keep my ankle intact
I will slow down and enjoy the miracle of life that each day brings.
By Celine Teh