Advanced TESOL Certificate By Christina Dass

tesol1Choosing to take the TESOL Couse at GTG Learning Centre was certainly not a mistake for me.  Signing up for the course was indeed a big step I had to take, having pondered for a while and not knowing what to expect from this course.  Something inside of me moved me to just go for it and I did just that.  It was truly an awesome experience doing the foundation course (13-18 July 2015) with a group of wonderful people who encouraged and motivated me throughout the course.  My first day of the foundation class was absolutely mind blowing and I knew immediately that this was the course for me.  Learning to teach English to speakers of other languages made me realize that there is a need to enhance the proficiency of the English Language worldwide.

Learning was made fun and easy at GTG.  There was no pressure at all and the group activities were really good as it made me a more confident person. Having taught children all along, now I know I can teach adults too. I have overcome my fears, thanks to GTG’s teaching methodology.  The knowledge imparted by the other students was most valuable to me and I would always take them with me as I pursue my career in the Teaching industr
y. I am honoured to have taken up this course because I kntesol2ow that one day I will impact another’s life through the gifting and talents I have as a teacher.

I thoroughly enjoyed this course and I’m looking forward to completing the
final part which is the Specialization Course. The one person whom I cherish
and admire is Celine who is our Mentor for this course, for she has been the life wire who has made all the difference. She is a truly vibrant, enthusiastic, passionate and most of all fun person.  Thanks to Celine and all my classmates,
CK, Carol, Allysa and Prema for inspiring, encouraging and motivating me. You have all been a blessing! Live your life to the fullest, achieve your dreams and desires as a teacher and be as crazy and fun loving as you can be!!


“Teach to lay the foundationtesol3

Imparting all you have, gives great inspiration

Patience is the key and there are no limitations

Give to the fullest for one’s Education”