TESOL March 12-17 2013

(Standing) Khen Lim, Ahmad Ismail
(Seated) Celine Teh (teacher), Shaweh

For the six days of March 12 to 17, 2013, we held a Foundation TESOL course for Ahmad Ismail, Shaweh and Khen Lim. We happened to be able to catch up with Khen before the end of the course. He has this to say about his TESOL experience:

“When I began the course, I had this idea of just doing it as a matter of fact and then leave. I was clinical in my initial approach because my impression was that this was just a course like any other but I was wrong.”

As Khen discovered, the three days were intensive but the learning experience was unlike anything he had encountered.

“I soon found out that there was much fun to be had while I was learning. My fellow classmates were great. We all contributed and the class was very much alive. Celine was a fantastic teacher…full of life, passion and drive. She doesn’t seem to get tired at all!”

The concept of having a good time learning may not be original these days but it’s still hard to find. Khen’s testimony is also echoed by his classmates, Ahmad and Shaweh who felt sad when their Foundation TESOL course came to an end on Sunday.

They became good friends and there’s always email to get in touch. Meantime their TESOL experience now gives them a new and exciting platform to teach English.