Michael Leong: A better teacher with TESOL skills

Michael Leong took our Foundation TESOL course in February 2012. He is applying the skills he learned during the course and his students are having fun while learning. Read on for what Michael has to say about how the Foundation TESOL course has impacted the way he teaches. I took the Foundation TESOL course Feb 2012. Celine’s passions for English, life… and her teachings have impacted me greatly. I have really benefited a lot from Celine’s TESOL course. Coming from an engineering background; not only, can I teach English well, but with confidence and the ability to command the students’ attention. I have also learned to be a better teacher overall regardless of whether it’s English, character class, Science class or story telling etc.

GRADUATE: Michael (right) receiving his Foundation TESOL Certificate from Celine

Since graduating from the TESOL course in Feb 2012, I have taught 2 English classes (about 10 students each) to minority students in an emerging country in East Asia. It’s no easy task at all (in fact, very challenging) to teach cross-culturally where the students' mother tongue is of a different language. However, every time when I stand up to teach, by applying the TESOL skills in the class, it has never failed to help the students tremendously in learning English the fun way.

Most recently, we have invited our American friend to co-teach with me in the Jan/Feb 2013 English Camp. The local culture here really look up to American “Gwai Lo”, can you imagine the pressure I faced in teaching the class as a non-Westerner? However, it all went well because I have been taught in TESOL how to teach effectively even though I’m a non-native English speaker. In the end, my American friend and I teamed up very well. The students gave great thumbs up to both of us.

CLASS OF FEB 2012: (left to right) Michael, the trainer Celine and Rabin

The Jan/Feb 2013 English camp has just ended yesterday (2 Feb 2013), I cannot imagine teaching that well without Celine’s TESOL course. It really changed my English teaching experience entirely. So long for now, til next time.”