Edith participates in RunNat 2012

Our teacher Edith Lim sure has a heart for Malaysia. The petite lady took on a rather gargantuan task and ran for our nation!

RUN & PRAY: Edith (2nd from right) & her team cover the Bangsar area

In Run for the Nation (or RunNat for short), Christians band together to run and pray for our country. On Oct 6, 2012, Edith and her team were seen pounding 5km of pavement while praying in the Bangsar area.

They prayed for the eight pillars of society such as family, community, the government, media and of course, education :).

THEY MADE IT!: Edith (3rd from left) & teammates are in high spirits after the run

Thank you for breaking a sweat over our country, guys. With so much love shown for Malaysia, it can only become a better place to live in.

For details on RunNat, click here!