Lam Hein Yew – effective communication skills

Lam Hein Yew, a Bachelor in Hospitality Management undergrad at Berjaya University College of Hospitality, talks about his experience and what he gained after taking the Executive Communication at Work module in 2011. His lecturers were Miss Saw Beng Hong and Miss Celine Teh.

What Executive Communication? What subject is this?

Do I really need this? Oh, come on, who can’t communicate?

Those were my first responses when I saw the subject at the beginning of the semester.

It was my first Executive Communication at Work class and it was the very first time I had a class with Ms. Celine. She gave a brief preview of the syllabus of the subject, and I realised that it did not cover topics we learned during high school. From that moment, I gained a little interest in the subject.

CATCHING UP: Hein Yew (right) tells Celine about his internship

What Communication really means
It was the fifth or sixth class when I got to know more about ‘Communication’. I realised that communication is not about how well you speak English. If a person is good in English but fails to convey the message to the other party, it signifies No Communication.

Therefore, in class, we were taught to communicate in a better and more efficient way.

Practical communication
At that time, I had an upcoming interview for an internship at The Fullerton Hotel, Singapore.

I was confused and did not really know what I was supposed to do. In class, we were taught to write a proper resume. However, that was not enough for me.

The generous Ms Celine offered further assistance so that I could secure the internship at The Fullerton Hotel. Ms Celine advised me on my resume and common interview questions.

Interning at The Fullerton Hotel, Singapore
One fine day, I got to know that I was accepted by The Fullerton Hotel for internship. I was overjoyed.

I approached Ms Celine to tell her this good news. She was happy and proud at the same time. She offered me more assistance in the future, if needed. I am very glad to have such a dedicated and committed lecturer.

GOOD LUCK!: All the best, Hein Yew, for your internship at The Fullerton Hotel, Singapore

If it wasn’t for Executive Communication at Work and Ms Celine, I think I would still be struggling to look for an internship in Malaysia.

Before I end this, I would like to thank Ms Celine for her great help and assistance, and Executive Communication at Work is such an important subject!


Lam Hein Yew