Miyuki Shiohira – from English student to teacher

Miyuki Shiohira took our Integrated English Program that was offered at Berjaya University College of Hospitality from April 2010 – April 2011. This is what she has to say about our courses.

How has the courses helped you?
Miyuki: I think my English has improved a lot, because I could not speak proper English and I didn’t know how to pronounce English correctly. Compare to past, I can totally speak English better now and write letters in English like this.

I think the English class helped me in multiple ways. I can speak, write and listen to English better than past. I succeed to get new job through the English class.

ENGLISH TEACHER: Miyuki Shiohira (center) with her lovely nieces.

What did you like about the classes?
Miyuki: The teachers talked what I need to hear and asked me questions. It helped me a lot, because they helped me to have opportunity to speak English.

What did you enjoy the most?
Miyuki: What I enjoyed especially was having conversations with teachers and listen to teachers’ stories. It proved that learning language is learning culture. I think that is the fascination of learning other languages.

I think students want to know about teachers. Once students know about own teachers, they might have many questions. It may help students to talk with teachers at ease.

After Miyuki completed the Integrated English Program, she went on to take our TESOL certification program.

Now a certified TESOL teacher, Miyuki, who has returned to Japan, is working as a secretary-cum-English teacher (for children) at OES Academy.