Course details

Global TESOL College will assist in job placement where possible by giving reference letters and transcripts.

For experienced trainers, teachers and more so for those who do not have any teaching experience, doing the Foundation TESOL Course in-class will be invaluable for 2 main reasons:

  1. The in-class component will provide the necessary ESL teaching approaches, methodologies and techniques for teaching English. The practical, hands-on approach in our training is what makes Global TESOL programs outstanding.
  2. The number of hours in class is 30 hours and it is conducted after office hours over 6 days based on the following schedule:
  • Mon – Thurs: 6.15pm – 9.45pm
  • Friday- Saturday: 9.00am – 5.00pm

Please note that our classes are small (between 4-12 persons) to provide optimum attention and speaking opportunities for every student.

TESOL Class of May 2005

Three programs to choose from

You will note that CORE to all our 3 programs is the Foundation TESOL Course. The number of specializations will change the Credentials. Each program has an ample time frame for flexible study options.

Program One – Advanced TESOL Certificate. 120 hours
Foundation TESOL Course + ONE specialization course
Cost : RM3,900/-

Program Two – Advanced TESOL Diploma. 240 hours
Foundation TESOL Course + THREE specialization courses
Cost : RM5,500/-

Program Three – Professional TESOL Diploma. 600 hours
Foundation TESOL Course + NINE specialization courses
Cost : RM8,500/-


We have 15 specializations to select from. All specializations can either be done online with Canada or manually by way of written assignments.
All assignments will be marked and graded by qualified Global TESOL instructors. A student can sign up for any of the 3 programs; it is not progressive.

Each specialization will strengthen one’s teaching portfolio and expand one’s employment, financial and career options.

The 5 most popular specialization courses are:
1. Teaching Children English
2. Teaching Adults English
3. Teaching Grammar
4. Tutoring English
5. Teaching Business English

TESOL Class of October 2009

Quality of Global TESOL Program

  1. It provides a TESOL qualification that has worldwide recognition. The Global TESOL program at its base level is 120 hours. For a TESOL program to be of international standard it must be at least 100 hours.
  2. It includes Specialization courses of one’s choice. You can specialize in an area of English that you are interested and which will make you more marketable.
  3. It provides a practical teaching session for you to apply the ESL/EFL teaching skills taught.
  4. It has well researched course materials totaling 1200 pages: Manual, workbook and employment handbook which is second to none in the industry worldwide.
  5. It provides life time alumni support. You can get updates regarding any developments in the English teaching industry.
  6. You will have unlimited access to the Grad Cafe and Grad Network. You can liaise with over 30,000 TESOL graduates worldwide.