Boost Your Skills

Designed For Executives, Supervisors, Managers, and Business Owners

GTG Learning will be launching our first “Boost Your Skills” Training on 16, 17, 23 and 24 May this year!

Find out more below:

May 16 Understanding Finance & Cash Flow
Evaluate business sustainability through a clear understanding of cash flow & profit.

May 17 Time Management & Prioritising
Be more effective and efficient by setting priorities & focusing on what is important rather than urgent.

May 23 Communication & Feedback Skills
Build rapport & morale by giving constructive feedback & responding well to critical comments.

May 24 Coaching and Delegation Skills
Increase productivity by empowering employees & avoiding time traps.


(Buffet lunch & Refreshments Provided)

  • RM680 per pax after 2 May
  • RM620 Early Bird Price (Sign up before 2 May and get 10% OFF!)
  • RM580 for registrations in Groups of 3 pax

About Celine Teh

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Celine has been actively involved in the field of training design and development since 1986. She has a passion for training excellence and is a strong proponent of integrative learning which involves the multiple levels of intelligences.

Her top corporate seminars are Power Business Presentation, Practical Negotiation Skills, Practical Supervisory Skills, and Managing People with Impact, Business Communication Skills, Basic Financial Management, and Time Management.

She is also a certified TESOL instructor for Global TESOL College Canada since 2005. Together with her team of TESOL teachers, they have conducted Remedial English courses, Corporate Business English, Effective Writing Skills, Conversational English, English at Work, Hospitality English and preparatory courses for the various Cambridge ESOL examinations including IELTS.

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Detailed Course Outlines

Download Detailed Course Outlines HERE


When we pursue any business, we are faced with the inevitable question of finance whether we like it or not. Learning how to make sense of the dollars and cents is critical. Even as an employee, we appear in the company’s accounts and we have an interest in their financial performance. UFCF helps you evaluate a company’s sustainability through a clear understanding of cash flows and profit.

Learning objectives

At the end of the course participants will be able to:

  1. Understand the cash flows in a business.
  2. Identify factors that determine a company’s health.
  3. Identify how a company’s performance is measured.
  4. Differentiate between cash and profits.
  5. Assess a company’s sustainability in the short and long term.


  1. Business cash flows
  2. The Balance Sheet
  3. The Profit and Loss Statement
  4. Cash vs Profit
  5. Short term survival
  6. Long term sustainability



Time management! Can you really manage time? No!!! The only thing that you can truly manage is what you do with your time. The only time that counts is the time that you make count. Time matters, every moment matters; if you squander time, you squander life! TMP will help you be more effective and efficient by setting priorities and focussing on what is important rather than urgent.

Learning objectives

At the end of the course participants will be able to:

  1. Assess their view of time.
  2. Identify three major time traps to avoid.
  3. Reduce time wasted on unnecessary tasks
  4. Spend more time on what is important but not urgent
  5. Develop concentration and focus.


  1. Personal assessment of the value of time
  2. Strategies to manage your use of time
  3. Major time traps to avoid
  4. Time management matrix
  5. Setting priorities
  6. How to develop concentration and focus?



Communication is such a fundamental skill that is vitally important in any business, workplace and social situations. It has been the cause of major misunderstandings, fragmented relationships and workplace tensions. CFS will help you know your communication response styles and then work towards building rapport and morale by giving constructive feedback and responding well to critical comments. 

Learning objectives

At the end of the course participants will be able to:

  1. Identify their personal communication response styles
  2. Utilise appropriate communication response styles in their daily interactions
  3. Identify 6 characteristics of effective feedback
  4. Respond appropriately to critical feedback
  5. Apply the correct approach when giving constructive feedback


  1. Self-diagnostic Assessment
  2. Communication Response Styles
  3. Effective Feedback
  4. Critical Feedback
  5. Constructive Feedback
    1. DAPE technique for good behaviour
    2. DASR technique for inappropriate behaviour


Coaching and Delegation Skills (CDS)

Today’s organizations have shed staff and reduced their levels of management. This has inevitably put pressure on fewer people to achieve the same results, or even greater results. However, if better management styles are adopted and if staff is coached, delegated to and empowered, then productivity can be increased and stress controlled. The management skills of delegation and coaching have therefore grown in importance and will continue to grow in the future.

CDS will increase your productivity by empowering employees and avoiding time traps. 

Learning objectives

At the end of the course participants will be able to:

  1. Identify the different ways people learn and process information
  2. Apply the 6 steps Coaching Model.
  3. Explain the importance of delegation and coaching
  4. Explain the 3-stage delegation process.
  5. Apply the guidelines for effective delegation


  1. Learning Styles
  2. Information Processing Styles
  3. On-the-Job-Coaching Cycle
  4. Importance of Delegation and Coaching
  5. Delegation Process
  6. Learning Cycle